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there's more to life than financial markets. maybe.

i'd all but given up on the blog since i got this job. there is barely enough time to cook and eat, let alone take pictures and write about it. i kind of new something had to give. blogging - and everything that goes with it - like watching uk tv food for hours on end (i can do the same episode of rick stein at least three times if the time lag in-between is sufficiently long), reading cookery books in bed, or joining daytime twitter conversations - became a luxury that i could ill afford. i have no idea how people with proper jobs and children manage to brush their teeth twice a day, let alone raise human beings not to be axe-murderers.

and then two things happened.

first, someone at work said his wife had started a food blog. obviously, these days everyone who can scramble an egg has to have a blog but you never know, i thought. i'll have a little look - magnanimously wishing for a pleasant surprise, while secretly hoping it was rubbish. and rubbish it was, my friends, utter…

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