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bob bob ricard, or fiddling while rome is burning

wild sea bass with herbs

veal holstein

razor clams with garlic and pancetta

sunday morning or asparagus with poached eggs

courgette and mushroom 'pasta' with walnuts, bacon and parmesan

asparagus with walnuts and parmesan

beetroot and shallot salad with hazelnuts and feta cheese

venison stew

pigeon breasts with bacon and white wine dressing

roast shallots

roast chicken with wild garlic

indonesian rendang curry

braised lettuce

boeuf en daube a la nicoise

trout with almonds

prawn and tomato linguine (without the linguine)

roast pork with chocolate and chilli

party I

tabata sprints

pigeon breasts with chicory and nuts

chicken with garlic and herbs

pan-fried salmon with roast tomatoes and parsley and chilli dressing


sweet potato and carrot soup with chilli and coconut

why the hell would you want to eat a sandwich, part I

scallops with butter, garlic and parsley