6/4/92 (Monday)

(a) Military activity

Combat and Shelling Activity :
Artillery fire was reported all around the airport. The centre of the city and the main television tower was shelled. Daylong firefights reportedly eased in an evening downpour of rain. Source: United Press International; Reuters; New York Times.

Targets Hit :
Bazaar District; Unidentified homes and shops in the Old Town District; the Main Television Tower; the Centre for Social Work. Source(s): The New York Times, United Press International, Government of BiH.

Description of Damage :
Not specified.

Sniping Activity :
Suspected Serb snipers fired on peace demonstrators in front of the parliament, wounding from 13 to 15 people. The sniping was reported to have originated from the Holiday Inn. Source(s): United Press International, Reuters.

Casualties :
At least 11 killed, 100 wounded. Source(s): United Press International and Reuters.


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