solitary dinners

this was my solitary dinner for tonight. it was amazing, and i think i could eat it all over again.

those brown things are buffalo burgers (courtsey of laverstock farm, rather than my own work - sourcing and grinding buffalo meat is a step too far, even for me). i defrosted them when i got in this afternoon - we usually have some buffalo or venison 100% burgers in the freezer as a quick lunch or a speedy dinner like this one.

the burgers are covered with a slide of organic buffalo mozzarella each, and then a dollop of 'ljutenica'. ljutenica is a kind of a spicy relish from serbia, made from flame-grilled red peppers and hot paprika, with only vinegar and seasoning added. the kind of thing that's actually easier to buy in a jar than make yourself - this applies to roast peppers generally in my book, unless you're just making one or two as a meal accompaniment (if i do that, i don't normally peel/chop as it's just too boring and a bit of skin won't do you any harm.)

the rest are roast sweet potato and cauliflower (olive oil, seasoning, chilli flakes, 220C for about 20-25 mins), and mixed green salad from the garden (no snails included - they floated to the surface when i washed the leaves, and made a desperate bid to escape. i chucked them outside the window, hoping they'd land in the grass. both landed in neighbour's garden. oops.)

that's it. it took about 5 minutes to prep - 2 to cut up the veggies and season them, 3 to make the salad dressing - plus a minute to put the burgers in a pan. you don't need to watch the burgers, you just need to flip them after 5 mins and go back to reading your newspapers.

why would you eat baked beans on toast??


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