gastrotastic II

can’t really work. sat here thinking about anything and everything to take my mind off having to go to hospital.

some of the topics so far (it’s only 9.05):

- the wedding – in particular, the flowers and the food (simple, for the former, and not ‘arranged’. some anaemonies, perhaps, but almost definitely not roses and hopefully not white. something fun. food would have to be good and also fun, with salads and meats and vegetables and fruit, and maybe some nuts and snacks for all the hanging around and champagne drinking. a pineapple-cheese-pickled onion hedgehog too?)

- if i ever publish a book, what it would look like (thick glossy pages, maybe with gilt down the side like old books or diaries, and possibly a rounded corner but only if something other than The Book. otherwise serious, hardback, sharp corners and plain covers. black and white cover on paperback. a picture of me on the inside back sleeve of both, looking moody: all cheekbones and height and a bit of airbrushing.)

- whether blogging several times daily is boring and/or slightly insane. is the opportunity to publish things almost immediately too tempting and too easy. Is it going to encourage my verbal diahorrea?

- what I am going to cook tonight. So far, settling on chicken stir-fry with fish sauce and chilli and shrimp paste, malaysian style.


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