cavolo, carote e sangiovese

the plan was to go out tonight but i decide not to in the end. i've not washed because i wasn't allowed to while i was doing the ph test and i feel a bit dazed from the lack of sleep - kept waking up every couple of hours entangled in the ph tube and feeling like i'm going to choke. shame, i was looking forward to a girly dinner.

instead, on the way back from the hospital, i stop by the italian deli to get some eggs (with a yolk so yellow it looks artificial), some san daniele ham, a ball of buffalo mozzarella and some very nice (and suitably expensive) olive oil to use for dressing. i also buy a bottle of cheap sangiovese wine to see if r can guess the price. yes, it's a stupid game and more often we will just do blind tasting (him, not me, i don't claim to have any knowledge beyond 'i know what i like' variety but i like the game). i fancy a little value-for-money test.

not sure why because tonight we were going to have nice food and an expensive bottle of rioja i bought r for his birthday to celebrate the fact that there is nothing wrong with me. instead, the food was average at best and the booze cost £6.50. (he guessed £12.)

the starter was just mixed bitter leaves, with some very sweet ripe pear and torn mozarella, drizzled with fruity olive oil. it's okay but the mozarella doesn't quite stand up to the overwhelming sweetness of the pear. i think the bland, slightly salty creaminess of cheese needs a less pronounced pairing. sweetness just makes it taste like a dessert and even the radicchio in the salad doesn't come through.

for the main we have venison and chilli sausages from farmers' market. i make the mistake of looking at the packet only to find out there's not a lot of venison in there but plenty of e numbers instead. oh well.

the chilli in the sausages (the packet even has a picture of a big red chilli on it) makes me think i should do a stir fry to accompany them, something with garlic and ginger. but the fridge is (still) full of random veg so i settle on carrots and cabbage....not the most exciting combination but i thought the spices might lift it. i slice them finely, boil them for a couple of minutes, drain them and then stir fry them with a crushed clove of garlic and some chopped ginger.

the sausages are way too salty - i bet a supermarket supplier wouldn't get away with that but somehow it's okay to sell it at a farmers' market - and the stir fry tastes how you'd imagine some carrots and savoy cabbage to taste: dull.

no picture, not worth it.

am asleep by ten.


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