paleo or cheating

i used to hate going to other people's allegedly paleo blogs only to find out they've been having hot cross buns for breakfast or something. and now i seem to be doing the same thing. my excuse is the indigestion and heartburn i now seem to have had forever (okay, since christmas). it's not so much that i think eating paleo makes it worse (though eating fat definitely does), it's more than i can't face explaining it to doctors.

i plan this to become more paleo as it goes on. i do cheat with a bit of dairy and honey, the odd bit of baking here and there and some shop-bought mayonnaise (i did try making the bloody thing three times and failed quite spectacularly). i do also drink wine and eat good chocolate and eat what i am given when i go to other people's houses.

but by and large i would say i try and eat well. i heard none other than jamie oliver say on some tv programme that, if you're gonna eat three times a day (or more in my case), you may as well do it well.

i can feel the effect of increased carbs already - yesterday was the first day for months i had that mid-afternoon slump, and also i am again having those crashing blood sugar hunger pangs that used to feel like my stomach was being stapled together. needless to say, i am keen to go back to normal.


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