ms bosnia

for someone who took zero interest in cooking before i left home, it's amazing how much of what i think about food has to do with my childhood. i guess it's always like that: we just like to think we forge our own untrodden paths (or whatever you grandly think at the age of 17 when you know everything) but in reality the route has been set well before we were aware of it.

it's not even like i cook much of what my mum cooked. in fact, it's quite rare than i do. the way we eat has changed, and obviously i live in a different country. but wanting to eat fresh food, and getting the best quality i can afford, is something i took from home. also, the desire to make things from scratch, to faff around picking eldeflowers for cordials, or stripping leaves from nettles with rubber gloves on, or butchering piglets with meat-cleavers (okay, i made that up but i do remember my parents doing it) - that's definitely a legacy of that tiny kitchen in sarajevo.


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