don't try this at home

hmm typical. you start a food blog and then you suddenly can't really be bothered to cook. i think it's going to be one of those weeks when you open the fridge and the contents of it look like they've been thrown together by a shopping dyslexic.

if i think really hard, i could just about make up a meal of out them but even the thought of a red pepper and fennel soup gives me indigestion, and what the hell do you do with a bunch of radishes? so i defrost some butternut squash and carrot soup, and consider what i can do with a load of broccoli for tonight's dinner.

in the meantime, and as part of my get-fat diet, i start the day with a pseudo-paleo smoothie which turns out to be disgusting. i blend a banana, a bit of vanilla essence, some greek yoghurt, some ice and water and some dessicated coconut with a couple of scoops of hemp protein powder. i imagine eating clay mixed with a bit of soil and water wouldn't taste very different.


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