some breakfasts

people always ask what i have for breakfast eating like this. well, this morning, i had moussaka. proper, full-blown, mince-meat-and-aubergine moussaka that we had for lunch yesterday.

i felt slightly dirty.

as if millions of people in london, taking their first bite of toast with jam, or dipping a spoon to break the thin film on their bowl of porridge, or staring forelorny into their weetabix, will all suddenly look up and stare in disapproval and disgust.

here are a few other, slightly more normal, breakfasts:

1. poached egg on purple sprouting broccoli

2. leftover tuna bouchons fried in olive oil with leftover broccoli and dressed in a mix of mayonnaise and goat's milk yoghurt

3. leftover butternut squash muffins with runny goats' milk yoghurt and pistachio nuts

4. omelette with goat's cheese and a green salad


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