less of a recipe, more of an idea, this.

i had gremolata for the first time in terroirs (, with a juicy pot-roasted quail. i was amazed by how a sprinkling of parsley, garlic and lemon could transform a dish, admittedly an already tasty one, into something really special. 

so i thought i’d test it on a salmon steak i was going to grill for dinner. lemon and parsley are a natural pairing for the fish anyway, and i also thought it would cut through the oiliness of salmon nicely. you can also use it with any

i have to confess that, although it was nice – and nice enough for me to want to do it again – it didn’t have that zingy quality of the terroirs version. i am not sure why – i may have overdone the parsley while being too stingy with the lemon zest.

the measures i used were:

zest of 1 unwaxed lemon
a handful of parsley
½ clove of garlic

you just chop it all up as finely as possible and that’s more or less it.


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