radishes and radish leaves in pork fat

this is not really a recipe as such but a simple idea for what to do with a bunch of radishes when you don't fancy a salad. leaves and all.

i never knew you could cook radishes. well, i didn't think you couldn't cook them, it just never crossed my mind that it's worth doing. radish to me means salad - a crunchy peppery thing to be eaten raw.

i am pleased to say that frying the radishes whole preserves most of that freshness and crunch. the leaves, added at the end of cooking, taste a bit like spinach.

a word of warning though - pork or other animal fat (duck and goose would be good) is essential - without it, it's likely to taste a bit bland.

so: fry the radishes in pork fat for about 5 minutes, then add the leaves and fry for another minute or until they are wilted. season with some pepper and serve.


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