primal blueprint

i have probably said this already but i have to say it again - i have an aversion to belonging to clubs, societies, parties, groups or gatherings. something in me recoils from being a part of a group of people who all think the same. that's why i could never belong to a political party.

it might seem arrogant - and to a certain extent i admit it is (and childishly so) - but it's also a post-commie hangover. subconsciously, i am suspicious of any attempt to be similar. communism was all about being similar - about no one standing out in any way. (that's why i love this country, incidentally. you could get on the tube naked and most people would just carry on reading their newspaper.)

but there is clearly one club i have chosen to belong to and that's the 'primal' - or whatever you want to call it - eating one. i don't think i talk about it too much on the blog - i think a lot of people don't realise that that's what it is. but every now and again i think it's worth pointing it out.

which is why i thought i'd post a link to a mark's daily apple, one of the websites that probably has the best introduction to this way of eating and exercise. i must admit i read it less and less the more i get the hang of what i should and shouldn't be doing. nevertheless, it's a great site and a great source of information for almost every question you may have thought of asking about 'the primal blueprint'.


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