rocket pesto

nothing much to say about this except it's nice. if you like pesto, you'll like this. same premise - leaves, nuts, olive oil and cheese - which you could vary in all sorts of ways. it doesn't taste bitter at all, in case you were wondering.

recipe from the lovely mr mark hix. i'm due for some bone marrow in his restaurant soon, i think.

you end up with a pot as big as the one on the picture so probably around 400ml or thereabouts

2 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed
50g handful of flat parsley leaves
100g handful of rocket leaves
60g lightly toasted pine nuts
200ml olive oil
salt and pepper
1-11/2 tbsp grated pecorino or parmesan (optional)

whizz everything except cheese and oil in a blender. when thoroughly mixed, start adding the oil in a steady stream. you might not need all of it. mix the cheese in as and when you need it - it keeps in the fridge without it. i actually made it without cheese and it was very nice.


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