i can't believe i've not written anything for almost a month. december has just disappeared, days spent lying down merging into one. weirdly, i was not exactly bored but neither was i relaxed. i wanted to kick myself for every time i had that thought, usually when busy at work, about how nice it would be to spend a dull winter day at home reading books or watching movies. the reality is, you only really want to do that for a day or two, and part of the sweet attract on of laziness is precisely because you know you ought to be doing something else - because it feels slightly naughty. when you've been signed off by your doctor and can legitimately spend a whole day watching the good food channel, somehow the appeal is not there. i tried to work a little - not easy lying down, i can tell you - i read a few short stories in french, i watched a film here and there, and i basically fretted over all the things i ought to be doing.

and the truth is, cooking has been the last thing on my mind. there's a lot of bending and twisting when you prep and cook, which was definitely not a good idea, and obviously there's also the job of getting food in, which is impossible when you can't carry stuff. also, when you do nothing but lie down for days on end, you're not really very hungry.

so, my breakfasts and lunches have been pretty weird, by my own admission. eating quickly lost all of the usual patterns and deteriorated into random things you can eat straight from the fridge, without the application of heat, or stuff cooked be cooked with the minimal amount of effort. plates rarely came out of the cupboard. i have eaten: raw carrots from the farmers' market, unwashed (too much effort); sauerkraut straight from a jar (oh yes), small pink radishes, ends untrimmed see carrots), roasted purple sprouting broccoli (in industrial quantities, sometimes with frozen prawns chucked in at the last minute, if available), nuts out of a giant jar in the cupboard, dark chocolate, dried figs, and anything else i could find in the cupboards.

i have cooked a bit and i promise i will post some recipes soon. so bear with me and, if anyone has any great ideas about how to cure a herniated disc in time for a skiing holiday, do let me know!


  1. I am so sorry to hear you are still with this herniated disc problem. Hope you feel better soon, you have been missed lol.

    Also your delish foods;), merry christmas and I send you lots of positive energy)))))))))from Spain.

  2. cups of instant miso soup and sacksful of satsumas are my staple fuel when I'm ill. I don't think it helps recovery, but it's easy and feels like I'm getting a high dose of nutrition in a small volume of food. I don't know why, because instant miso soup seems like a pretty pointless item as soon as health returns .....

  3. come back we miss you


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