swiss chard omelette

i wrote a whole post about this - before deleting it by mistake. although i know what it was about, the thought of repeating it makes me feel nauseaus.

of course, now it's gone, it seems like the wittiest, the most amazing blog post i've ever done. in reality, it was just a rant against yolam ottolenghi, whose bastardised recipe this is.


for four, with salad, as a light lunch

a bunch of swiss chard, leaves and stalks - maybe 300g or thereabouts, washed and cut into ribbons

1 clove of garlic, finely chopped

4 eggs

herbs - whatever you can find of the soft variety - parsley and chives work well but basil, coriander, etc would too - finely chopped


a knob of butter

2 heaped tbs creme fraiche - don't go for the very posh variety which is almost like clotted cream. it needs to be runny. rachel's organic does the job perfectly.

first, make the omelettes. whisk the eggs with the finely chopped herbs and season. now melt the butter in a large(ish) frying pan and when foaming, pout in half of the egg mixture so it's almost like a thin pancake. cook until set. try not to overcook it or it ends up too dry. repeat with the other half of the egg.

next, do the chard - heat a little bit of olive oil in a pan with a lid, then gently fry the garlic until soft, add the chard leaves and stalks, cover and cook on gentle heat until it's done and no longer watery.

now do the assembly. preheat the oven to 180C. lay out both omelettes on a baking sheet, spread half of each with the swiss chard mixture, and put a big dollop of creme fraiche on top. fold over and bake in the oven for only about ten minutes, until it's all heated through.


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