chorizo omelette

it was hazel who made me think of making this. she asked a little while ago about a colleague who, though keen to lose weight, couldn't quite get his head around eating like this, or the fact that it's the spuds he ought to be avoiding and not bacon. he'd read a little bit about it but couldn't shake off his suspicion that a lot of people in the 'paleo' movement are basically nutters. i cant disagree with him - like anything unconventional, it attracts zealots of the wrong kind. i suggested he reads gary taubes: though spectacularly boring, it's proper science for disbelievers.

well, a few weeks later, he has apparently lost some 10kg and has been eating chorizo omelettes and walnuts for breakfast. i hope he continues and actually does some exercise too - that's when the whole thing comes together.

this is mid-week breakfast. i was on a business trip yesterday and my dinner consisted of some chocolate-covered almonds (70% chocolate, natch) and some red wine, courtesy of BA delays. i know i shouldn't worry about skipping meals but i do. something substantial for breakfast was in order. so three eggs, a bit of chorizo, a double espresso and I'm ready to go. no recipe - it's an omelette, for god's sake.


  1. Hurray! I have finally inspired you, instead of the other way around!



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