homemade 'granola'

nuts - whatever you've got and this was whole almonds, pistachios, macadamias and brazils - soaked in salted water overnight, then dried in the oven at the lowest setting all day. i spread them over a baking tray lined with kitchen paper, in a single layer, and left them all day in a 50C oven. couldn't tell you how long for - maybe 9-10 hours (i went to work and just left it - nothing much can go wrong at that temperature). i then added some dessicated coconut and put it back in for another half an hour to dry a bit more.

separately, i whizzed up in a food processor 3 small dried figs with about a tablespoon of vanilla extract and the same of ground cinnamon. i added the cooled nuts and pulsed until it was all gravely.

that's it. i had it with some blackberries and yoghurt this morning and it was really quite nice. (almost too sweet - i'd skip the figs next time, i think - makes you realise how your palate changes over time.) it would be good with coconut milk, as a 'cereal', though that's a bit too pretend for me. i like it more as an addition to fruit, to add crunch and protein.

PS do you like my serbian splash guard behind the cooker? i do.


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